Newport recognizes the importance of individual information (information about individuals with which it is possible to identify each individual) and the necessity to protect this individual information following the guidelines of our privacy policy. Newport makes every effort to protect this information and continually strives to improve practices.


Newport will use individual information only for the following purposes.

In order to provide products/services that Newport handles, and information about these products/services. 
In order to make inquiry surveys concerning customer satisfaction for our products and services. 
In order to change, improve, develop and customize our products and services. 
In order to gather statistical information that does not identify individuals. 

We may use cookies on our web site(s) for the following purposes. While customers can refuse the cookies by adjusting their browsers this may mean the web site cannot be used properly or the customer receives limited services. 

In order to follow the order flow in the customers’ shopping cart. 
In order to allow a customer to not enter his/her password every time a customer uses a membership service. 
In order to improve and/or customize the content of the web site, e-mails and other products. 

Providing information to third parties

Newport does not provide the individual information we have collected to a third party without the customers’ agreement except in cases specified by the law. 

Newport may share the individual information of customers with our product/service suppliers and Newport affiliated companies. In this case of sharing individual information, we clearly specify the reason for doing so. 

Newport shares individual information with third parties only when we clearly specify that we will do so according to the second clause of the article 23 of the individual information providing law (opt out) when we originally obtain the individual information. We will stop providing individual information to a third party when we receive the request from an individual customer. ?To do this please contact us at our customer centers specified in clause 5. 

Safety control measures


Newport takes measures to prevent and correct illegal access, missing, destruction, falsification and leakage of individual information. We stringently protect individual information such as the credit card numbers entered into Newport’s web sites. We are not responsible for individual information protection and content at third party sites that have linkage with Newport’s web sites.


When delegating the handling of personal information to a third party, Newport Ltd. takes all necessary measures to safeguard the integrity of personal information including any appropriate contracts and undertaking safety management measures with the outsourced party. We provide personal information to third parties only to the extent deemed necessary for the performance of work consigned to these parties. Newport oversees such third parties to ensure proper handling of personal information.


Compliance with laws

Newport observes the laws and regulations concerning individual information protection in collecting, using, managing and sharing with third parties the individual information. Newport has established compliance programs such as the individual information protection rule and enforces all employees and directors to adhere to the rules. 

Disclosure, correction and suspension

Newport discloses, corrects, and suspends usage of the individual information according to the law. Please note that it may be impossible to deliver products in case we suspend use of individual information. 

Inquiries as to individual information

We are open to receive customers inquiries (including disclosure, correction, and suspension of use) regarding individual information by e-mail through the inquiry section of the Newport home page URL: 

Notification of important changes and modifications

Newport will publish any important changes or modifications to the Privacy Policy on the corporate website.  Newport reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy according to government regulations or in order to improve policy procedures.