Newport: Leading the way in environmental protection activities

Corporate social responsibility initiatives are standard nowadays. But at Newport, environmental protection activities hark back to the company’s beginning and speak to the very core of the company’s being. Newport CEO Kevin McAuliffe doesn’t just believe in environmental accountability: Newport lives it.

With a mission to be a truly sustainable organization, how does Newport achieve its environmental goals?

– Achieving ISO14001 status

Newport adopted ISO14001 standards in 2003. An international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system, ISO14001 provides a voluntary framework for organizations to comply with environmental laws, prevent measures against environmental risks and implement environmental protection policies. To attain ISO14001 status it is necessary for employees to be involved in environmental activities. From monitoring the use of paper and office-generated waste to joining in tree planting exercises, Newport staff are active participants in the company’s environmental initiatives.

– Adopting the “Green Power Certification System”

Since 2004, Newport has subscribed to Japan’s “Green Power Certification System.” From that time, 100 percent of the office’s electricity use has been covered by biomass power generation. Newport has offset CO2 omissions generated by electricity consumption at company warehouses, product distribution and staff commuting and business travel. This is done with support from the organization “More Trees,” a Japanese forest conservation group led by musician Ryuichi Sakamoto.

– Other initiatives

A commitment to environmental protection is integral to Newport’s being and spirit. In addition to the activities listed above, Newport also promotes eco activities through thorough implementation of the Japanese government’s Cool Biz & Warm Biz strategies, promoting eco-consciousness within sales networks and implementing “eco tours” aimed at raising employee awareness of the environment.

Newport is determined to continue contributing to the protection of the environment. Click here to find out more about our environmental policy and activities.

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