【Incoco Nail Appliqué】 Japan’s first Incoco store opens July 22 in Omotesando

The first Incoco Nail Applique store in Japan opens its doors in Omotesando, Tokyo on Friday, July 22 2016.

Incoco the Store Omotesando not only sells most all Incoco nail applique shades and features demonstrations from staff, the store serves as ground-zero for all Incoco brand announcements & activities.

Inside the store, behind Kyoto-crafted, Incoco-pink glass panels, is a dedicated room for customers to apply Incoco nail appliques immediately after purchasing. A decorated social media space allows customers to take photos of their nails that match the season.

To commemorate this first-for-Japan event, the “Cool Fizz Collection” will release exclusively for Incoco the Store Omotesando, Incoco.jp and InCube customers.

Since August 2012, Newport, Ltd. (Shibuya, Tokyo; president: Kevin McAuliffe) has sold American brand-name Incoco nail appliques to the delight of Japanese consumers.

【Store Information】
Store Name: Incoco the Store Omotesando
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jungu-mae 4-25-6 Hanae Bld. 1F
Telephone: 03-6721-1566 (Japanese only)
Store Hours: 11:00-20:00
Operation Days: 7 days per-week
Website: https://incoco.jp

【Product Overview】
Product name: Incoco Nail Polish Applique
Launch Date (Japan): 2012/08/28
 Clear Nail: ¥900/972
 Color Nail: ¥1,100/1,188
 Design Nail: ¥1,400/1,512
 French Nail: ¥1,500/1620
Offering: 80~90 SKUs
Package Contents:
 Clear Nail, Color Nail, Design Nail: 8 sizes x 2 sheets (total 16 strips), instruction sheet, resealing tape, nail buffer
 French Nail: 16 sizes x 1 sheet, 8 sizes x 2 sheets (total 32 strips), instruction sheet, resealing tape, nail buffer

Official Site: https://incoco.jp
Facebook: https://facebook.com/incocojapan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/incocojapan
Instagram: https://instagram.com/incocojapan

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