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Plan (計画)


Plan (計画)

We look for products and brands which have that something extra. Products and services that are a little different to others in their category, that speak of bright sparks and innovation, and share similar values to ours, too.


Grow (成長)


Grow (成長)

At Newport, we just don't grow your product; we grow with you. Success shouldn't be mutually exclusive, so why not share the journey? At Newport, we don't just grow your product; we grow with you.


Succeed (飛躍)


Succeed (飛躍)

We’re rigorous in our efforts and approach, but flexible so that we may respond to changing market conditions in the high-context culture of Japan.


• Not just growing your product, but also growing with you

• Building brand awareness and customer retention

• Nationwide access to all of Japan


At Newport, we don’t just grow your product; we grow with you.

Growth means more than an increase in revenue. Shared values, balance in client/customer relationships and leveraging strengths are important parts of the puzzle.

We identify growth channels and evaluate appropriate strategies for your product.

We excel at both offline and net-based solutions–from pop-up shop and standalone stores to online shopping and social media–to grow your business throughout Japan.

Operating across multiple platforms, we deliver personalized conversations and consistent messages with your product.

Consider us a key link in the marketing chain, as we build brand awareness and improve customer retention.

With People
For People

Build brand awareness and improve customer retention

Your customers are at the core of all our sales and marketing strategies.

Our people, processes and culture are tuned to finding innovative solutions to increase sales and customer loyalty.

Operating across multiple platforms, we work hard to deliver personalized conversations and consistent experiences with your product across Japan.

“The visuals I create [for INCOCO] depend on the area we’re talking about. A change in the design for the POS visuals for our Omotesando store—an up-close of hands with effective Japanese copy—converted to an increase in their in-store numbers”

– Kim Myoung Hyang, Designer, INCOCO Marketing

Area-focused marketing

Our experienced sales and marketing professionals have the experience and relationships to bring your product or service direct to customers on an area, regional or nationwide basis.


 face-to-face and event marketing channels


 focus on client-designated market areas


 direct approach to target customers

Yet we also remain responsive to

market changes

the impact of technology

new ways of doing business and closing the deal

through our channels and reach.
We don’t just grow your product, we grow with you.

“What sets Newport apart is our agents’ direct face-to-face sales relationship with our customers. Manufacturers normally use a wholesaler or “go-between” to outsource sales staff for events, but we are the opposite. For FW1, our sales agents sell direct to customers at events or when they set up special booths at gas stations. I think this is the secret of our success: because of this F2F contact, we can convey the benefits of our products directly to the consumer.” 

— Takashi Igarashi, FW1 Brand Manager

A major challenge for companies entering the Japanese market is understanding the nation’s infamous distribution channels.

Access to all of Japan

Partner with Newport, and you have access to retail, e-commerce, face-to-face and store management throughout Japan. We market, promote, sell and distribute on your behalf.

From a pop-up store in Sapporo, Hokkaido, to a retailer in the southernmost island of Kyushu, to an e-commerce customer in Nagano, Newport can target the entire country.

As Your Japan Business Partner, We Utilize the Most Appropriate Sales Channels for Your Needs:

event marketing

third-party retailers

online & e-commerce models

standalone stores

Using an omni-channel and multi-pronged approach, both online and off, we generate results.
Business all the time, every day, all across the country.

Do you have a Japan-ready product to

sell and distribute nationwide?


ダーマロジカ ボディコレクションが11月14日に発売

The art of bathing. reinvented 毎日のバスタイムをマインドフルネスなひとときに 私たち現代人は常に忙しい。仕事や家事、育児など、常に日々のタスクに追われています。 忙しい毎日の中で、ほっとリフレッシュすることができるバスタイムすら、 ゆっくり時間をかけることができない人も多いかもしれません。 肌の健康と心の健康には密接な関係があると言われています。近年ではマインドフルネスという、 瞑想などによって心の状態を整えることが心の健康に有効であるという考え方が広まってきました。 マインドフルネス瞑想は専門家の間でも活発に取り上げられ、ストレスの影響を低減すると言われています。 またストレスレベルの低減は、肌の健康にも良い影響があるとも言われています。 もちろん顔だけでなく、体全体の肌も同様です。 新しいダーマロジカのボディコレクションは、このマインドフルネスをテーマとして開発されました。 このコレクションの製品は、絶妙な自然の香りと植物由来の有用成分、それらを1つにする革新的なフォーミュラが特徴です。 五感を楽しませ、輝きのある健康的な肌のために、厳選した成分を配合しています。忙しい現代人に、 マインドフルネスなひとときとして入浴の時間を楽しみ、心も肌も健やかになってほしい。 それがダーマロジカの願いです。 【ダーマロジカ ボディコレクション】 • 発売日:2019年11月14日 • 展開店舗:ダーマロジカ公式オンラインストア及びダーマロジカ渋谷東急本店 フィトレプレニッシュ ボディオイル 植物由来成分をたっぷり盛り込んだ繊細な香りのボディオイル。 • フレンチプラム種子油(プルーン種子油)、アボカド油、ヒマワリ種子油:皮脂膜をサポート。 • 発酵高麗人参エキス(オタネニンジン根エキス):肌を優しく保護します。 • ベルガモット、ネロリ、オレンジ、パチョリ、サンダルウッドなどのエッセンシャル オイル:肌を柔らかく保ち、繊細な香りで包み込みます。 容量:125ml 価格:8,030円(税込) サーマフォリエント ボディ スクラブ 肌を温めながら角質ケアをすることで、輝くようなつや肌にするデュアルアクションエク スフォリエーション。 • インディアンバンブー茎(スパイニーバンブー茎エキス):物理的に古い角質を取り除き、肌を滑らかに整えます。(洗浄) • パパイン、乳酸:角質ケアをサポート。(洗浄) • シーソルト(海塩):肌に潤いを与えます。[...]


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