Global skin care pros’ choice, Dermalogica, finally for B2C sale in Japan

Published: June 17, 2019

Skincare pros’ choice brand from Los Angeles

dermalogica®️ <ダーマロジカ>

Finally arrives in Japan

– K.K. Newport is leading Japanese B2C market expansion –

Starting June 17, 2019, sales & marketing development company K.K. Newport(Location:Tokyo, Shibuya  / Representative:Kevin McAuliffe) is launching direct sales of American professional skincare brand dermalogica®︎(ダーマロジカ).

Used by professional therapists around the world, Dermalogica combines the strengths of natural ingredients and science to formulate unique skincare products. Dermalogica products are manufactured at the highest industry standards in California, keeping consumers & the environment in-mind, and incorporating clean ingredients that promote skin health. Dermalogica’s own skincare treatment professionals provide input into product creation, leading the skincare market by producing universal skin type products. K.K. Newport is beginning sales of over 30 leading Dermalogica products in June 2019 online at dermalogica.jp.

The Dermalogica brand was born from founder Jane Wurwand starting the IDI (International Dermal Institute) in California in 1986. From there, Dermalogica products were developed with skin health, rather than beauty, in-mind. Dermalogica is now established in over 100 counties and used 20,000 salons/spas around the world.

※Pricing: Cleansing ¥5,400〜6,200、Facial toner ¥5,700~6,200、Masks ¥6,200~8,200、Serums ¥8,300~13,700、Moisturizers ¥5,800~12,700

More information

● Official brand name : dermalogica®️  / ダーマロジカ
● Dermalogica official online store <dermalogica.jp>   *June 17th launch (Japanese only)
● Handling company:K.K. Newport
Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Shibuya 3-27-11 Yushin Bld. Shin-kan 11F  TEL :  03-4550-1430(reception)
● Customer service:
Dermalogica Customer Service Center   TEL 0120–773-346 (Japanese only)

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