Our Care

  • Responsible and authentic
  • Delivering more than products
  • Making the world a better place
  • An equal-opportunity employer

Responsible and authentic

Newport’s role as your sales and marketing partner in Japan is more than simply providing similar services offered by others.

With a mission to be a truly sustainable organization, we’re committed to innovative thinking.

We put forth our best efforts and talent in making positive impacts on society and the environment as well as helping clients reach their strategic and financial goals.

Delivering more than products

At the heart of this vision is an ardent commitment to providing an extraordinary experience of choice and exceptional customer service.

We’re experts in determining needs and creating market demand. The journey is just as important as the results.

Making the world a better place

We’re defenders of the environment, but this means more than being green.

To us, it’s adapting our thinking, cultivating relationships and acting ethically in all aspects of our business.

We prioritize opportunity for societal good. We’re passionate believers in environmental sustainability and social well-being.

An equal-opportunity employer

We can’t achieve any of the above without believing in our people.

We support diversity and inclusivity, encourage real work/life balances while rewarding efficiency, productivity, and creative thinking.

Come start your journey with us.


Newport: Leading the way in environmental protection activities

Corporate social responsibility initiatives are standard nowadays. But at Newport, environmental protection activities hark back to the company’s beginning and speak to the very core of the company’s being. Newport CEO Kevin McAuliffe doesn’t just believe in environmental accountability: Newport lives it. With a mission to be a[...]

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