Your Vision, Our Passion

Making the world a better place

With a mission to be a truly sustainable organization, we’re committed to putting forth our best efforts and talent to help our business partners reach their strategic and financial goals.

We’re a consumer products and services company with an aim to reach all Japanese households, but we like thinking outside the box.

We do more than deliver products. We find needs and create demand.

We’re attracted to partners whose thinking or products contain a fresh approach, that something extra: value and opportunity for societal good.

This goes for our people, too.

The journey is just as important as the end result.

We value

Creative problem solving

Work / life balance

Productivity that leads to results



Think of the current business landscape, and think of all the hype around entrepreneurs, startups, commitments to sustainability, driving innovation and embracing change. For Newport CEO Kevin McAuliffe, such concepts have long been part of his professional journey. Founder of a consumer products and services company that likes[...]

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