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Plan (計画)


Plan (計画)

We look for products and brands which have that something extra. Products and services that are a little different to others in their category, that speak of bright sparks and innovation, and share similar values to ours, too.


Grow (成長)


Grow (成長)

At Newport, we just don't grow your product; we grow with you. Success shouldn't be mutually exclusive, so why not share the journey? At Newport, we don't just grow your product; we grow with you.


Succeed (飛躍)


Succeed (飛躍)

We’re rigorous in our efforts and approach, but flexible so that we may respond to changing market conditions in the high-context culture of Japan.


• Partnering for business success in Japan

• Adopting, adapting and developing products

• Developing a customer-centric culture


We’re a nimble company with many connections and big ideas.

We’re discerning about whom we partner with, because we adapt, adopt and develop customers for your product or service like it’s our very own.

We’re keen on products with mass-market potential. But they must also be distinctive, and differentiated from others in the same or similar category.

Why? Differentiation allows us to focus on the value-proposition to the customer.

We identify sales channels.

We deploy the resources and means to achieve targets.

We measure then innovate and act from the results.

We’re rigorous in our efforts and approach, but flexible so that we may respond to changing market conditions in the high-context culture of Japan.

Creating and building customer loyalty is part of our DNA.

And meaningful customer acquisition is a must for long-term customer retention.

With People
For People

For products and services to succeed in the market we first look for a match:

“We basically partner with companies whose products and services have a mass-market focus; differentiate themselves from others in the category and want to do good for the world”

– Kevin McAuliffe, President

Accountability, response and an unwavering commitment to customers and clients alike form the basis of what we do.

We work with our clients every step of the way. We assume ownership of the products we represent.

In adapting and developing products and services for the Japanese market, we examine:

Legalities and compliance with local business practices

Product features

Add-ons or accessories


Positioning and customer value-propositions

Japan is a high-context culture. Cultivating connections and the unsaid word are necessary for sales and building the customer relationship. It’s at the heart of what we do.

But as customer needs evolve, so do the methods of capturing their attention.

Using a multi-pronged approach to target and retain customers, we are dedicated to innovating and obtaining results.

Developing a
customer culture

Our success in creating and building on customer loyalty includes:

  • using strategic insights and innovative marketing to expand existing home delivery services in high value areas for a major food and beverage manufacturer, resulting in a 300% rise in the average monthly new signup base
  • localizing and customizing product packaging and branding for cosmetics products to increase walk-ins and sales conversions at retail outlets
  • keeping abreast of technological changes and tracking e-commerce analytics to profile customer preferences and buying behavior

At Newport, we employ a Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) approach with all of our business activities.
Let us show you some examples of how we use this with market entry and development.


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